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WINDS IN THE SAILS! is a literary novel that tells stories of characters with emotional dependencies originated in the past who need to rediscover themselves along the way, realizing that it is never too late to be happy, minimizing conscious or unconscious pain. And the paths offered by destiny are varied, through therapy, through friendly advice or through individual faith.

Life is like drawing a beach with coconut and grass, a sun with a smiley face between clouds, the sea, little fish and a boat with sail. Some people let the winds hit their sails and take them to any destination like dry leaves in the wind. Other people know that they cannot change wind directions, but they learn to adjust the sails of their boats to get where they want.

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Henrique, a boy with cerebral palsy, speech impairment and involuntary movements, is hired to work at a company, where he falls in love with Murielli, a successful international relationship, discovering and having to deal with unknown feelings. The boy begins to experience new feelings, fears, inferiority complexes and fantasies as compensation. Over time the girl starts to feel something stronger for him, hiding it initially. When they start dating, the boy starts to experience new sensations such as loving and being loved, while the girl struggles against cultural prejudices and in the company where she works to live that love and many other obstacles along the way. Faced with the breath of social oppression, together they discover each other, strengthen themselves and eliminate their own limitations.

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Youth novel that has already been adopted in several schools in Brazil, wins its third edition. Leandro is a successful executive who joins the ranks of lonely people in big cities. In order to deal with loneliness, he remembers an old love not lived, and starts to fantasize about how his life would have been different if he had fought for that love. Their fantasies are so perfect that they get confused with reality. The book takes us to existential reflections that make our unrealized dreams be reborn from the unconscious.

Changing the reality around us is a matter of attitude, according to literary critic Rubens Castro who writes in the preface: “These are pages written concisely and in a mixed language, aimed at both adults, but which can be easily absorbed by young people who they are in that phase of “wanting to change the world!”. And the work shows this. In fact, this is the best phase to present such concepts of participation, unity, politics and ethical values to young people. Make them aware that changes need to start with small actions, gain size and add people, until they reach dimensions imaginable”.

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Based on a historical review, this work addresses the trajectory of people with disabilities throughout Christianity. It starts in the Old Testament, goes through pre-Christianity, where great biblical characters, used by God, were somehow connected with some kind of disability, at the same time that disability was strongly linked with concepts of sins or punishments. Concepts that fall apart in the New Testament, because Jesus' coming into the world and his choice for the excluded makes people with disabilities “win” souls as Christians. Through them, Jesus performs many works. This makes us believe with confidence that people with disabilities have always been channels of blessings between God and humanity.

Brazilian author Emílio Figueira says that today, in order to have a Theology of Inclusion that embraces both Catholics and Protestants (evangelicals), the first step will be to review our own concepts regarding people with disabilities, abandoning concepts of poor people, victims, disability as a result of punishment or sins. To abandon the position that we Christians have always had as assistants towards these people, to focus on them as fully capable of occupying ministries and activities in religious communities - both Catholic and Protestant - and bringing them to be part of the Body of Christ in total equality. Above all, we must increasingly identify and eliminate religious stigmas from our midst.

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